Project Management and Checking the Boxes

“But what is this?” we said with dismay.
“An overdue blog post to write on this day?”
“You did not tell us, that this task was due.”
“But I did” he replied, “it was told to you.”

“Write a blog post about project management,
and make haste, tonight, with reckless abandonment.”
We rolled our eyes, shifting sided to side
conceding to the inevitable tide.

So, because I adore you, M and K
I will, in fact, with this blog say
My thoughts on project management

Project management is not for the faint of heart.
It is not for those who will fall apart
At the site of road blocks and hazard signs
Deviating you from the original time line.

Your plans may very well change
And this may feel strange
But make a solid gantt chart
And the solution will not be far apart

Be good to your team
For it would seem,
that they are the key to saving serious green.

And above all else, when you’re at your wits
When your plan’s to the dogs and life’s the pits,
Take a breath and simply say,
“All is well, and this will be ok.”

And this, my professors, is my ode to project management.
I cannot say if this filled the requirement.
But I know you laughed
For this is post is quite daft.
I hope this is not too recalcitrant.


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