Links I Like

The following is a collection of resources I have found useful in my journey towards becoming a designer. Some I have referenced in blog posts, and others I will list just because. Something missing? Let me know. Enjoy!

ART in Atlanta – Alison Tallman, Atlanta designer and transit advocate
Inhabitat – Green and social good design

Innovative Designers and Studios
Project H Design – Design education for rural youth in the Southern US
Spark Corps – Atlanta studio providing design work for non profits

Articles & Links
6 Simple Ways to Save the World – Marie Claire article about women and global health

Resources & Guides
Meyers Briggs 16 Personality Types
Color Hex Color Codes – Everything you ever wanted to know about hex numbers

Walkable Cities – Jeff Speck TED Talk
New York’s streets? Not so mean any more – Janette Sadik-Khan TED Talk


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